The Trick To Win Sportsbook Online

The Trick To Win Sportsbook Online

Do you always experience defeat in sportsbook? From now on you must learn how to beat online ball bookies with these sportsbook tricks which is summarized by Betberry team.

Victory and defeat in playing gambling is caused by 2 factors:

  • Hockey Factor: 80%
  • Factors of winning online sportsbook: 20%

Both of these factors affect whether you win or lose a bet.

If you are lucky but do not know the tricks in making a bet, then the victory that you might have to reach up to millions can only be achieved up to hundreds of thousands.

So from that you need to learn to develop tricks to win sportsbook online. An online sportsbook trick can outsmart a bet. And at the very least, the trick can make you not lose much.

Before we explain the tricks try to register at and log in to see necessary information. The polishing tricks that you develop must also be close to the right words to help you to avoid defeat. Indeed for beginners who are still in the learning phase, to think of a trick to win online gambling is difficult.

  • safety bet over / under bet
  • Double the bet
  • consistently placing bets on big clubs.

The advantage of this sportsbook trick can change the percentage of your winning and losing factors in a soccer match.

What is the trick like? Try to see and read below:

  • Safety Bet Bets Over / Under

This is a powerful trick that can help you at least not lose much by playing safety bet in Over / Under betting. Here’s the condition you have to place a bet on “UNDER” in the score is still 0-0 with voor +1.5, +2.5, +3.5, +4.5 and so on. If the score of the match is 0.5 difference, then you must be prepared to bet over.


Manchester United vs Arsenal match you place a bet under +1.5 in the first half.
Then the score changes to 0-1. That means your score is 0.5.
Then it is necessary to put the pair over again at -1.50 or -1.75
But if the score is still goalless, it is better to leave it until you win.

  • Multiple the Betting

For this trick you need to have a little more money because you can’t use a little capital.

For players who play with lots of money. Using this trick proves they can win with great value too. Focus on 1 match only.

For example:

Game B Munchen vs Wolfsburg 0: 2. Put on Bayern Munich = 1000
If the number is still 0-0 on vooran 0: 1, please try to multiply from the initial bet = 2000
Then when the score is still 0-0 in the second half. Then you need to wait for the vooran that remains 0: 1/2 to be folded from the second bet = 4000, and so on.

If the final result turns out to be only 1-0 for B Munich’s advantage then the benefits you get are:
The first bet loses -1000
Second bet draw –
Third bet wins 4000
——————————————— +
The victory you received 3000

It’s easy?
But, also remember, this way you risk losing too much in a short time. Be careful when predicting.

  • Consistently Bet on Big Clubs

If you think that currently betting on a big team cannot be a benchmark in winning sportsbook, then you are wrong. That statement is awesome if you look at the team.

In this online sportsbook trick you are demanded to be smart in choosing a big club that is consistent in every game that it has. If in 2018 at EPL for example Man City can win in a row.

Another example, Real Madrid, which was quite consistent in winning a big score last season. Clubs that score big in each match can cover the votes given to their opponents.

Try to make an example:

The Spanish league has 38 matches,
Let’s just say you bet 5 million for Real Madrid in every Spanish league match …

The percentage of El Real losing was only 10%, while the percentage of Madrid won was 90%.
This means that in one season you will only lose 10 times, the remaining 28 matches can win.

Bets lose 5 million x 10 = -50 million
Bets win 5 million x 28 = 140 million
—————————————- +
Still win or win 90 million

It’s still profitable like this.

Besides having to be good at choosing clubs that are consistent in winning big wins, you also need to be consistent in betting on one club until the end of the season.

That’s the way to win sportsbook that we teach you to overcome.

The trick taught is not a trick that can make you achieve 100% victory, if this, it’s almost impossible huh.

The name is game, there is win and lose. It’s just, learn to try to minimize the losses that exist.

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